Issue 19 Page 66 - The End
October 22, 2022
Issue 19 Page 66 - The End
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Issue 19 Page 66 - The End October 22, 2022

Author Notes:

That's it, the end of the unexpected issue. (Everytime I type 'the end', I have to stop myself from typing, 'the endy')

As always, I will not be updating the comic for the next little while, as I work on Issue 20, which will hopefully be the conclusion to this arc that took 20 issues and over 10 years to make.

And also, a huge thank you to my Patreon Patrons who make this comic possible in the first place.

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Fahrook: "We're here! Time to get going."

Taisherou: "Oh, I like the glowies, Fahrook!"

Fahrook: "Thank you! I'm thinking about keeping them."

Aisha: "It is time. Lock the rifts behind us. Give Sisari no quarter."

Fahrook: "Is that not tantamount to a declaration of war?"

Taisherou: "We'd be fighting an uphill battle while trying to maintain a physical world."

Leilani: "..."

Leilani: "There is much to be done."

Panel Note: Back in present day Kaerwyn...

Lorelei: "Let's go."


October 30, 2022: edit delete
But hopefully it's not the End of the Endy.
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