Additional Comic Shorts
by Jakkal May 8, 2021
I've posted about this on my Patreon, you can go here to read more on it:
TLDR; I'm thinking about doing some comic shorts for my patrons, that would be inconsequential to the main comic plots, but might answer questions people had about Kaerwyn, the characters, etc.
Kaerwyn Comic might not update tonight (Dec 15)
by Jakkal December 15, 2020

Just to let you guys know, we're having work done on the house I live in. And because of it, my office is unreachable right now. I don't think they'll be done tonight, if that's the case, then I can't update the comics.

They will still post this week, likely Thur-Fri-Sat instead of Tues-Thr-Sat.

For my Patreon patrons: You will get all updates on time, they've already been set up to update. It's just the non-Patreon pages that will be delayed.

Kaerwyn is up to date!
by Jakkal January 5, 2020
The comic is now up to date, just this version is lacking all the filler pages (bonus stuff) and all the artist commentary. It would be just too hard to post that on all the pages here. But at least people can read it as an archive. I just have to remember to start updating here.

The next step is to set up the site itself so it's no longer using a default template.
The Realm of Kaerwyn on Comic Fury!
by Jakkal January 1, 2020
I, like many others, have decided to give Comic Fury a try after Smack Jeeves sold us up crap creek without a paddle.  Kaerwyn has over 1000 pages, so it will take me some time to upload the entire archive. Thankfully ComicFury has a VERY AWESOME mass uploader. I just have to get the files prepared to upload.

Also many thanks to Jside Fox for helping me prepare the files for uploading.

If anyone is interested in seeing the comics in it's entirety, please visit it's home site at