Endymion Gaelin

At 35 years of age, Endymion Gaelin was mostly content with his life as a teacher for the prestigious Order in the sleepy little town of Creedmoor. However, all that changed when he found himself plucked away from his homeworld of Raekarta, and woke up in the Realm of Kaerwyn.
Niixa'ntaena Iiroz

Born under mysterious circumstances with the powers of destruction, Niixa'ntaena grew up a lonely Xarax-hil on the world of Errux. Now she has to put her skills to use to keep all of her friends safe from what Kaerwyn throws at her. She insists she's not a raccoon.
Lorelei the Drifter

They thought she was the key to saving everyone on Kaerwyn from the onslaught of werewolves. Luckily for them, Endymion showed up instead.