Issue 20 Page 40
March 28, 2023
Issue 20 Page 40
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Issue 20 Page 40 March 28, 2023

Author Notes:

Speaking of bloodthirsty werewolves.

We have Patreon Cameos on this page! (Cameos are available to my $10+ Patreon subscribers)

The centaur guy is "'Weird Uncle' Hands Fieffel" for Ealadubh.

Riding him is the Potoo bird "Kweeze" for Dingovolf and a raccoon named Flame.

Attacking them is a werewolf'd raccoon named Rosario for Noir.

And in the foreground, a werewolf'd fox named Emily for Jsidefox.

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Endymion: "Oh, hell." They teleport into the scene with a "Pop!" sound.

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