Issue 20 Page 21
February 4, 2023
Issue 20 Page 21
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Issue 20 Page 21 February 4, 2023

Author Notes:

And now at Callie's place...

We have more Patreon cameos in the top panel!

From left to right:

Thenyr for Arrow
The eponymous Sorien
The eponymous Jside Fox
And the eponymous Naat!

Cameos are available to $10+ Patreon subscription.

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Tunc: "What the hell?"

Neek: "What is it, s'krozt?"

Tunc: "Why would Callie still have all this information on werewolves?"

Tunc: "And on Lycanthropy cures..."

Neek: "Perhaps she never put it away or continues it for scholarly purposes."

Tunc: "Maybe..."

Computer text: Tunc's Lycanthropy Cure Symbolism

Tunc: "But I know for a fact she ruled these out as potential cures."

"This one is mine."

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