Issue 16 Page 87 - The End
September 12, 2020
Issue 16 Page 87 - The End
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Issue 16 Page 87 - The End September 12, 2020

Author Notes:

That's it! We did it! We got through that 4 issue arc! This arc was the reason I restarted the Kaerwyn comic! Don't worry, there's a lot more to come, but this particular story is one I was dying to do (Since it's directly from the RP Site).

I couldn't have done this at all without the continued support of my Patreon Patrons. I hope it was a fun read.

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Because this is the last page of Issue 16, I will be taking some time off to get ready for Issue 17. I will be starting up the comic earlier for my Patreon subscribers. They also got a stinger page that explained some Erruxian stuff that will not be posted publicly. They'll also get some filler content in between issues.

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September 12, 2020: edit delete
Dad just can't give it a break, Can he!?! :)
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