Issue 17 Page 41
February 4, 2021
Issue 17 Page 41
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Issue 17 Page 41 February 4, 2021

Author Notes:

Attracting attention.

We have Patreon patron cameos on this page!

Naat's wyvern character (Poor girl finds herself nearly getting zapped every time)

Lindsey for Arrow (The human girl with snow leopard spot hair)

Shadowdile's eponymous character (The gray dragon dude with the hat)

West's eponymous donkey character

JsideFox's Kitsune character (The white fox with teal markings)

And Kweez for Dingovulf (The Potoo bird)

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February 4, 2021: edit delete
Run reverse Krystal! Run!
February 5, 2021: edit delete
and Lore just looks on....
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