Issue 18 Page 4
August 10, 2021
Issue 18 Page 4
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Issue 18 Page 4 August 10, 2021

Author Notes:

I ended up making the top panel a wallpaper for my Patreon patrons, because I liked it so much.

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Endymion Narrating: Despite all the warnings we've had to endure about 'The Lady' and the Draekon, it's been all quite on that front.

Which lets us focus on more important things...

Note: Elsewhere on Kaerwyn.

Kaldrei (The Red and Black Dragon): Sisari is recovering... ... Should be able to maintain corporeality unained soon.

Kyessia (The Butterfly Winged Dragon): I knew the mortals didn't do enough to her to make it stick, but that was hardly any time to counteract her plans.

Kaldrei: We'd better use the time we have left, then, and keep trying things.

Xairryg (The Brown and Black Dragon): Just what do you think is left to try?

When we throw the mortals offworld, they find their way back. When we have them killed, they're soon up and about again to have a melodramatic demigod battle in the middle of the town.

And I don't think Gruff can help us much this time.

Sisari's keeping too close a watch on him now.

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