Issue 18 Page 5
August 12, 2021
Issue 18 Page 5
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Issue 18 Page 5 August 12, 2021

Author Notes:

Uh oh, fuckery.

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Kaldrei (The Red and Black Dragon): "What about if we..."

Kyessia (The butterfly winged dragon): *Interrupting Kaldrei* "Is it within the rules?"

Xairryg (The Brown and Black Dragon): "Break those, and we lose the support of the others that keep her from just taking what she wants in the first place."

Kaldrei: "Oh. Yeah. right."

"OH! I have an idea."

"Time for some About-The-Box thinking."

Kyessia: "Don't you mean 'Outside-The-Box'?"

Kaldrei: "No."

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