Issue 18 Page 10
August 24, 2021
Issue 18 Page 10
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Issue 18 Page 10 August 24, 2021

Author Notes:

She doesn't want your charity, but she does actually want your money.

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Lorelei: "Oh uh, Hi Mr. Iiroz. "

"Hold on, Give me a moment."

Mr. Iiroz: "Drinking Again?"

Lorelei: "Oh yeah."

Mr Iiroz: "Miss Kataan, I don't arrange work for you just so you can drink your money away."

Lorelei: "For the hundreth time, just call me Lorelei. You know I don't like my last name."

And I didn't spend my money on alcohol. I stole it.

Mr. Iiroz: "That's not better."

Lorelei: "What do you care what I do with my money, anyhow? Aren't you some kind of pinko communist?"

Mr. Iiroz: "A society supports its own in times of need, whether it be my political asylum or your need for financial relief. I mean to pay forward that kindness, Miss...Lorelei."

Lorelei: "I don't want your charity."

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