Issue 18 Page 11
August 26, 2021
Issue 18 Page 11
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Issue 18 Page 11 August 26, 2021

Author Notes:

I mean, that is a pretty ugly cat.

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Mr. Iiroz: "Nothing of what I offer is out of pity. It's only a doorway, and it will be you who chooses to walk through it."

Lorelei: "Uh."

Mr. Iiroz: "Work, Lorelei. I'm offering you paid work for the day."

Renard: "Sorry, Lorelei. It's time to go. We got another call about your snoring."

"Baymart doesn't want you back here anymore."

Lorelei: "Fine, fine. I'm going with Mr. Iiroz."

Renard: "And take your ugly cat with you."


August 28, 2021: WRONG edit delete
That cat is magnificent and now I want one.
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