Issue 18 Page 14
September 2, 2021
Issue 18 Page 14
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Issue 18 Page 14 September 2, 2021

Author Notes:

Must have been something she stepped in.

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Callie: "Endymion, just the fellow I wanted to see."

"I've fixed the workstation in your office."

"Don't break it again."

Endymion: "Ah, thank you, Callie."

"What was wrong with it?"

Callie: "Let's just say... when it tells you not to turn the machine off during updates, don't turn the machine off during updates."

Endymion: "Well I had to go! I couldn't wait for it!"

Totem sniffs Callie's shoes and starts growling at her.

Endymion: "Whoa, Totem!"

"Bad! No!"

Totem barks.

Callie: "You know we only let you bring that blood dog around because he behaves."

"Or used to."


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I've never met a dog I didn't trust.
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