Issue 18 Page 16
September 7, 2021
Issue 18 Page 16
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Issue 18 Page 16 September 7, 2021

Author Notes:

Something kinda familiar about Art and Life.

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Endymion: "Welcome Class."

For the past semester, we have gone over how Art is all around us. How Art is involved in every step of our day to day lives.

And how the A...

...How Art can make our lives better overall.

Now remember, Final Exams are this week.

You'll also have to turn in your final project by December 10th. That's Friday if you haven't been keeping up.

Your projects should be on Art and...

...and Life.


September 8, 2021: edit delete
Seems like he wants to say it differently, and just has a little bit of a hook to his thoughts.
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