Issue 18 Page 18
September 11, 2021
Issue 18 Page 18
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Issue 18 Page 18 September 11, 2021

Author Notes:

Reel him back in.

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Punk Student: "Y-yes, Because you're an expert in your field, right? In THE Art?"

Endymion: "The Art..."

Punk Student: "Uh, Dr. Gaelin, we need some... help! Help with our final project!"

Endymion: "Uh... W-what are you having trouble with?"

Student: "You've always said we should draw upon the energy in our life. Could you go into that a little more?"

Written in Notebook: "Ask for help AND Get him to *Lecture*."

Endymion: "Oh yes, that's a very interesting subject."

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