Issue 18 Page 19
September 14, 2021
Issue 18 Page 19
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Issue 18 Page 19 September 14, 2021

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Panel Note: Later...

Endymion: "That's it for today, class. Be sure to turn in your projects during my office hours or after classes."

"And let me know if I can help you any further!"

Kyessia (Pink/Purple Student): "That was close."

Kaldrei (Punk Student): "I can't believe that worked. I thought we'd have to reset the scenario."

Kyessia: "The man loves to talk."

Kyessia: "I had hopes externalizing the totems would make them less likely to break free."

Kaldrei: "Well now we really need to be careful."

Curly Haired Student: "Doctor Gaelin..."

Kaldrei: "If Sisari's followers find out about this..."

Endymion: "Yes? Oh, do you have a project to turn in?"

Curly Haired Student: "Yes, my interpretation of Art and Life."

Endymion: "That's very... interesting."

Curly Haired Student: "I thought you might like it."

Kaldrei: "...They can break the Draekon free."

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