Issue 18 Page 21
September 18, 2021
Issue 18 Page 21
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Issue 18 Page 21 September 18, 2021

Author Notes:

Maybe he's onto something.

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Panel Note: Later at lunch...

Callie: "And then Totem starts growling at me, just out of the blue!"

Tunc: "Really? That pup? He always seemed so well behaved."

"Hey Endy, you okay?"

Callie: Students getting to you again?

Endymion: "Well, I think one of them cribbed an image of a couple of dragons from the internet, but I couldn't find it on a reverse image search."

"But other than that..."

"I dunno. I've had this feeling all day that things are just ... not as they should be."

Callie: "Like what? Maybe Totem has you on edge."

Endymion: "Maybe. I dunno, I just..."



September 19, 2021: edit delete
Dramatic eyeball Closeup!
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