Issue 18 Page 33
October 16, 2021
Issue 18 Page 33
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Issue 18 Page 33 October 16, 2021

Author Notes:

She opened her mouth and removed all doubt.

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Offscreen Voice: "Sir! Sir! You can't go in there!"
Renard: "I just heard the news. What happened to her?"

Mr Iiroz: "Sergeant D'Auregre."

"A bookcase collapsed in my archive, where she was working."

Renard: "Collapsed How?"

Mr Iiroz: "I'm not sure. The shelves are bolted together, but the upper piece fell nevertheless."

"Stranger still, though she was covered in blood when I found her, the Doctor found no injuries."

Renard: "Then who's blood was it?"

Mr. Iiroz: "I don't know. She was alone, save for her creature, but it's also unhurt."

Renard: "I see."

Lorelei: "Sisari!"



"Wait, Neek?"

"Why are you human?"

Mr. Iiroz: ...

Renard: "Are you sure she didn't bump her head?"

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