Issue 18 Page 34
October 19, 2021
Issue 18 Page 34
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Issue 18 Page 34 October 19, 2021

Author Notes:

Not as they should be.

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Tunc: Denied.

Endymion: "Worse, she ran off before I could talk to her."

Tunc: "Ouch."

Callie: "Do you want to talk about it?"

Endy: "No, I need to get back to class. I'll just pick up lunch to go."
<br />
"Just wish I got the chance to find out who she was."
<br />
"There's just something... so familiar about all this."
<br />
"...Something familiar about HER."
<br />
"C'mon, Totem."

Callie: "He's right, you know there is something oddly familiar about all this."

Tunc: "Well, it's not the first time he's had trouble with women. Remember Kate? Total disaster."

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