Issue 18 Page 37
October 26, 2021
Issue 18 Page 37
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Issue 18 Page 37 October 26, 2021

Author Notes:

Lorelei's not making a very convincing case here.

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Lorelei: "I know how this looks, Mr. Iir--Neek. But it's the truth."

Lorelei: "Someone's cast a huge mindfuck on everyone." (Mindfuck is slang for mental tampering.)

Renard: "Cast? You talk about it like it's magic."

Lorelei: "Yeh, it is some kinda magic!" (kinda = kind of)

Mr. Iiroz: "Go rest, Lorelei. You may use my office."

Lorelei: "No! I don't need REST!"

"I need for someone to listen!"


"Ask my fox! She'll tell you! She can talk!"

"She's the one that woke me up from this!"

Fox Onomatopoeia: Slurp

Renard: "And the doctor is certain nothing is wrong with her?"

Mr. Iiroz: "Perhaps we need a specialist."

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