Issue 18 Page 40
November 2, 2021
Issue 18 Page 40
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Issue 18 Page 40 November 2, 2021

Author Notes:

No idea what she's talking about.

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Lorelei: "The pictures were of dragons and Sisari!"

Lorelei: "Didn't you see them? This is your library!"

Lorelei: "Y-your library on Errux!"

Lorelei: "I-I--I fought all of those killer butlers to save you. To save Niixa!"

Lorelei: "You were in the sack and bitchin' th' whole time!" Proper English Version: "You were in the sack and complaining the whole time!"

Lorelei: "I know that look. I am not crazy. Someone is mindfucking us, the whole town."

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