Issue 18 Page 42
November 6, 2021
Issue 18 Page 42
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Issue 18 Page 42 November 6, 2021

Author Notes:

PrĂȘcher le faux pour savoir le vrai.

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Lorelei: "And you! You pledged yerself to yer brother, th' king of Acornia!"

Renard: "It was my cousin, and it's Arconia!"

Renard: "It's an Empire!"

Lorelei: "That right there!"

Lorelei: "That's yer personal truth, not this university cop crap."

Lorelei: "Apparently th' need t'correct people is stronger than whatever this mindfuck is. Th' internet was right!"

Lorelei: "We need t'find those other guys. Yanno th' meddlers. The problem solvers! Th' Scoobies!"

Mr Iiroz: "...What?"

Lorelei: "Yanno, yer daughter, th' witch, background guy, an' th' chewtoy of the multiverse."

Renard: "The more she talks the less I understand."

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