Issue 18 Page 44
November 11, 2021
Issue 18 Page 44
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Issue 18 Page 44 November 11, 2021

Author Notes:

It really is a family trait.

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Lorelei: "We can talk about this later, Ne--." She is cut off by Neek before she can continue.

Mr. Iiroz/Neek: "We will discuss this NOW."

Mr. Iiroz/Neek: "I've remained patient for Weeks, trapped like all the others in this surreal menagerie by unseen keepers with little explanation."

Mr. Iiroz/Neek: "Now we have this shared illusion that tries to unseat our very identities. What you withhold about this place, both the land itself and its keepers, you will now share."

Lorelei: "So th' temper IS a family trait."

Lorelei: "Alright, Fine..."

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