Issue 18 Page 45
November 13, 2021
Issue 18 Page 45
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Issue 18 Page 45 November 13, 2021

Author Notes:

Just waiting for all the Avengers reference replies now.

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Lorelei: "I'm afraid there's not a whole lot I can tell ya."

Lorelei: "Other'n we're livin' a false life here."

Lorelei's Totem: "So he finally woke up from this delusion, neh?"

Mr. Iiroz/Neek: "Your creature... It talks!"

Lorelei: "That's my totem. She's not supposed to be external."

Mr. Iiroz/Neek: "A totem?"

Lorelei: You don't have them?

Mr. Iiroz/Neek: "I..don't think so."

Lorelei: "They're like... protectors of our mindscapes."

Lorelei's Totem: "We protect against mental tampering. Such as this situation."

Lorelei: "Though, normally, they dun talk." Proper English: "Thoug,h normally, they do not talk."

Mr. Iiroz/Neek: "And through her you became aware of this 'false life."

Lorelei: "Yeh."
Mr. Iiroz/Neek: "But none of that aid helped you learn anything of the situation at hand?"

Lorelei: "This situation? No. I dunno what this is. But yer walls showed me Sisari. An' she's bad news."

Mr. Iiroz/Neek: "Who?"

Lorelei: "She's a dragon, apparently has a huge hate-on fer mortal beings. She's tryin' t'get three Raekartan Draekon t'destroy all mortal life on all worlds connected t'Kaerwyn."

Mr. Iiroz/Neek: "What?!"

Lorelei: "I dun have specifics, Neek. Just know that these dragons are real bad news. And ya can't trust 'em."

Suspicious student: "Excuse me, sir?"

Lorelei's Note: "We're like bugs under their boot."

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