Issue 18 Page 46
November 16, 2021
Issue 18 Page 46
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Issue 18 Page 46 November 16, 2021

Author Notes:

It's a recruitment ploy, Endy! Run!

We finally have the last of the cameos (I think, I hope so anyway) that were due.

The human gal in the top panel is for Tyly.
The fellow in the BG of panel 3 is for Pheagle.

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Callie: "Endymion, how are you this morning?"

Endymion: "I can't stop thinking about her. That woman in the Rookyard."

Callie: "Still? it's been days, Endymion."

Endymion: "I know. I just CAN'T."

Callie: "Looks like it's even affecting your totem."

Endymion: "...What?"

Callie: "I said it looks like it's affecting Totem too."

Tunc: "Hey Endy! I got something you might want!"

Endymion: "Eh?"

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