Issue 18 Page 47
November 18, 2021
Issue 18 Page 47
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Issue 18 Page 47 November 18, 2021

Author Notes:

As always, Totem is the reflection of Endy.

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Tunc: "I got tickets to that big show tonight."

Endymion: "I don't think so, Tunc. I'm not in the mo--" He's cut off by Tunc.

Tunc: "I know what you're gonna say. So hold up and listen!"

Tunc: "That woman you wanted to meet? She's one of the performers."

Tunc: "And I even got a backstage pass to meet her!"

Endymion: "Tunc! You're the best wingman ever!"

Ticket Reads: "Baytown University Proudly Presents: Kai'vatan Takamazna. December 10th, 10pm. General Admission. Section 12, Row 10"

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