Issue 18 Page 49
November 30, 2021
Issue 18 Page 49
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Issue 18 Page 49 November 30, 2021

Author Notes:

I never thought I'd have to write song lyrics for Kaerwyn, but here we are.

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Niixa, Singing: "Free as I was, and somewhat naughty because I had nothing to aim for in life."

"But my nation was calling, for war was befalling from centuries old imperial strife."

"'My fate was mine', I thought at the time, blind to divinity's design."

"I would save my nation with no hesitation, and soon I was on the front line."

"Though I was young and eager, and fighting skills quite meager, I had to defend my kind."

"With an Errant Blade, and not a bit afraid, my destiny was mine to find."

"While I thought war meant glory, I found the truth far too gorey, and destruction was by my side."

"Despite my trepidation, I had a talent for annihilation, which I found the gods supplied."

"The master of unmaking himself appeared, tall, menacing, a visage to be feared. He measured me with a burning intensity."

"As I stared full of horror and dread, 'You command the Sword's High Dance', he said, 'And with me is your destiny.'"

"The god of endings bid me to take his place and then he promised the dance would soon be done."

"But when I took my place among the sky, time, and space, the fighting of the people pressed on."

"As long as swords are swung and wars are never won, the Sword's High Dance will continue on."

"Grains of Sand on the beaches, despite world-wide reaches, are outnumbered by stars in the sky."

"But every star's a sun removed from everyone, forever alone until they die..."

"This is the truth laid bare, which leads me to despair."

"My destiny was never my own."

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