Issue 18 Page 51
December 4, 2021
Issue 18 Page 51
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Issue 18 Page 51 December 4, 2021

Author Notes:

This doesn't sound good.

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Kyessia: "Sisari's Making overt moves and the aspirants want to debate the issue more."

Kaldrei: "So maybe if we make a better case, they'd do something?"

Kyessia: "They don't want to do anything. Taking action against Sisari makes them look like the bad gu-- Kaldrei?"

Kaldrei: "..."

Kyessia: "Kaldrei?"

Kaldrei: "Oh shit. They found each other!"

Kyessia: "Endymion and Niixa?"

Kaldrei: "Yes!"

Kyessia: "Hold on, I'l check the simulations integrity."

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