Issue 18 Page 52
December 7, 2021
Issue 18 Page 52
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Issue 18 Page 52 December 7, 2021

Author Notes:

Totem always knows what's up.

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Kyessia: "Someone injected a backstage ticket into the simulation and sold it to Tunc. He gave it to Endymion."

Kaldrei: "Shit. We're on borrowed time if sisari's followers are actively sabotaging us!"

"If they push too hard, the simulation might break down."

Kyessia: "Think of something! I'll try to sense the other dragon."

Kaldrei: "Uh...Uh... How about a flash mob?"

Kyessia: "Whatever it takes, Kaldrei!"

Backstage Worker: "You may enter now."

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