Issue 18 Page 68
January 27, 2022
Issue 18 Page 68
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Issue 18 Page 68 January 27, 2022

Author Notes:

Running away never helped anything.

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Niixa: "W-What's Happened?"

Endymion: "NO!"

"No! I-I can't..."

Niixa: "Endy, Please wait!"

Endymion: "I-I don't now what's going on."

"I can't handle this, I just, I just can't."

Niixa: "You have to break free of it, Endy. This is a lie, a false life."

Endymion: "Just stay away from me."

Niixa: "Endy..."

Shadowy Figure: "Thought you could get away from us so easily, Niixa'ntaena?"

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