Issue 18 Page 71
February 3, 2022
Issue 18 Page 71
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Issue 18 Page 71 February 3, 2022

Author Notes:

Lore's actually going to have to think a little.

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Panel Note: Meanwhile...

Neek: "This way. My daughter is performing tonight."

Lorelei: "Performin' what? Acts of destruction?"

Tunc: "So that woman Endy wanted to meet so bad? I think she's Mr. Iiroz's daughter."

Callie: "Really? And you didn't tell Endymion?"

Lorelei: "Oh hey, it's th' Witch an' Background Guy."

Lorelei: "Uh oh. I dunno enough 'bout them to trick them with some minor error they can smugly correct me on."

Neek: "Sy'Callie!" **

"Sy'Tunc!" **

**Neek uses the prefix "Sy" in the same way we might call someone Mister or Miss.

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