Issue 18 Page 75
February 12, 2022
Issue 18 Page 75
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Issue 18 Page 75 February 12, 2022

Author Notes:

Oh look, a convenient distraction.

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Taranda: "Perhaps I can be of assistance."

Tunc: "...The hell did you come from?"

Neek: "And you are?"

Taranda: "One of the keepers of your 'surreal menagerie'."

"But you may call me 'Taranda'."

Tunc: "And what does THAT mean?"

Taranda: "There is much to explain, but not here."

"You must come with me."

Lorelei: "Guess we got no choice if we want answers, neh?"

Tunc: "Wait a minute, I remember you. You sold me the backstage ticket for Endy."

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