Issue 18 Page 83
March 3, 2022
Issue 18 Page 83
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Issue 18 Page 83 March 3, 2022

Author Notes:

It's time for some exposition!

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Taranda: "Now that we are safe from the others..."

"If you weren't certain already, everything you see here is a product of Kaerwyn's nature as an malleable artificial reality: A simulation that we Dragons can manipulate."

Tunc: "And your rubber reptile suit's in the wash?"

Taranda: "The Baytown simulation parameters restrict my options, like what happened to your Xarax-hil friend."

Endymion: "Simulation?"

"What the hell for? Why would you bother to change it?"

Kaldrei: "Kaerwyn's nature is a long story."

"As far as THIS mess, it has to do with a really old argument over what to do with you guys crashing our party and messing with our stuff."

"People who felt strongly about the problem fell into two groups, after a while."

Taranda: "Those groups calcified into bitterly-opposed factions."

Neek: "How disappointingly familiar."

Taranda: "After exhaustive debate, we agreed upon a non-interference policy as a compromise."

Endymion: "You call THIS non-interference?!"

Kaldrei: "Technically, we interfered with the simulation and let the simulation interfere with you. Cool loophole, huh?"

"You'd think the higher-ups would think of something like this."

Endymion: "But you never answered me. WHY did you change Kaerwyn?"

Taranda: "To hide you."

"Sisari's faction wants the Draekon very, very badly, and when one faction wants to exterminate all non-dragon life on Kaerwyn, some rules needed bending."


March 4, 2022: edit delete
Certainly seems like how the Greek gods used to have to put up with things. When some gods would get out of line and give the other gods trouble. They need something to interfere and change the balance of power. Either something like the Titans, or giving something to mortals to have them shift it outside their rules.
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