Issue 18 Page 84
March 5, 2022
Issue 18 Page 84
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Issue 18 Page 84 March 5, 2022

Author Notes:

It really is a big unfortunate situation.

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Endymion: "You went to all this trouble, to hide us.."

"From entities that can do all this?!"

Gruff: "This isn't about you, Endymion."

"It never was."

Endymion: "You?! You're alive?"

Gruff: "Everyone here knows me as 'Gruff' the bartender."

"Raekartan's would know me better..."

"...As Taisherou."

Endymion: "Y-you're a Draekon?"

"The Draekon of games and chance."

Gruff/Taisherou: "As fortune would have it."

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