Issue 18 Page 86
March 10, 2022
Issue 18 Page 86
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Issue 18 Page 86 March 10, 2022

Author Notes:

A wild Draekon Chase.

Also, the top panel is the March 2022 wallpaper for my $10+ Patreon Patrons.

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Gruff/Taisherou: "You remember what I said about Sisari and her obsession with the Draekon, right?" Panel note: Issue 11 Page 10

"When Fahrook, Aisha, and Leilani were tryin' to end the Dragons' plans to control the rifts, Sisari wasn't going to just let them do it unopposed."

"They needed a distraction."

"That was my job. I led that omnicidal maniac on the wildest goose chase in the multiverse."

"For that, she created this tavern and shackled me to it."

Sisari: "If you so enjoy involvement with mortal-kind, then may you find great joy debasing yourself in eternal servitude of their petty needs."

Gruff/Taisherou: "But I was never done. I'm still trying to keep Sisari and her followers away from the Raekar."

"When I found out she got Leilani and Fahrook, I had to put you out of her reach for good."

"Having you die offworld would reincarnate Fahrook into someone else in the multiverse, making Sisari start her search all over."

Endymion: "But I did die. Wouldn't that have released Fahrook already?"

Gruff/Taisherou: "Yeah but yer buddy Murako thrust your soul back into yer corpse for round two."

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