Issue 18 Page 88
March 15, 2022
Issue 18 Page 88
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Issue 18 Page 88 March 15, 2022

Author Notes:

God, Kyessia is just too cute for her own good.

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Endymion: "So what're you saying? Must I die again and hope that finally releases Fahrook?"

Gruff: "Release, Fah... No, no."

"This isn't like the time Sisari possessed you two."

"She was just a passenger."

"She couldn't exist independently on Raekarta."

Kyessia: "Fahrook IS your soul."

"You've no idea how close you were to stopping Sisari."

"Your near-death experience on Raekarta came agonizingly close to forcing her to move on as well - tearing and rending her soul asunder as she struggled to remain cohesive in the physical plane."

Gruff: "Stubborn bitch."

Kyessia: "Which leads us back to the here and now."

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