Issue 18 Page 89
March 17, 2022
Issue 18 Page 89
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Issue 18 Page 89 March 17, 2022

Author Notes:

Endy and Niixa remain skeptical.

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Kyessia: "Sisari has nearly healed from the wounds you inflicted and readers herself to wield the power of her entire faction against you."

"We don't have the numbers to oppose her ourselves, so we hid you away in a much more restrictive scenario to give us the time to bolster the ranks."

Kaldrei: "We're trying to get the support of the aspirants."

"They're not even remotely interested in whatever happens to you guys..."

"But they're suuuuuuper [super] anal about dragons following rules."

Endymion: "Aspirants?"

"Wait, what does this have to do with us and this Baytown city thing?"

Kyessia: "The aspirants are a faction that has devoted full attention to the pursuit of enlightenment and transcendence."

"As arbiters of Draconic law, they would be quick to turn against those they deem in violation of our rules."

Kaldrei: "Dumping you in Baytown and overwriting your minds a little made it as hard as possible for Sisari's people to get their way without the aspirants thinking they're breaking interference rules and backing our effort to stop them."

"They'd have to get to you with no magic, no werewolves, no fancy tools."

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