Issue 18 Page 90
March 19, 2022
Issue 18 Page 90
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Issue 18 Page 90 March 19, 2022

Author Notes:

Endy and Niixa are tired of being the playthings of other entities.

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Kyessia: "Baytown, therefore, is a minefield of scenario restrictions entangled with a bramble of non-interference rules."

Niixa: "This "Scenario" is no trap or camoflage if it is literally disintegrating before our eyes!"

Endymion: "You should have consulted with us first. We might have been able to help."

"But instead you unilaterally decided to mess with our minds."

"And I don't want to hear about your non-interference horse shit."

"You're clearly interfering right now."

Kyessia: "I know we haven't been entirely honest with you."

"We've been dancing a fine line between trying to help and staying within the rules."

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