Issue 19 Page 2
May 12, 2022
Issue 19 Page 2
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Issue 19 Page 2 May 12, 2022

Author Notes:

A bit of a history lesson.

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Page Note: The Realm of Kaerwyn, in a time long, long ago...

Blue Text Box: Dragonkind's freedom lay at the end of a lone hallway, its coldly-lit brick and concrete austerity shadowless and without refuge.

A Dragon walked down this barren hallway with a young mortal man magically levitated and leashed to them like a balloon.

The routine was a dull misery for the Dragon, grating against the need for novelty and sensation that they shared with all Dragonkind to stay the gangrenous cognitive rot that festered in Kaerwyn's stagnancy.

They recall their people's dark history, a time when reincarnation was a natural part of the cycle of existence.

The Dragon bore witness to the slow degradation of peers and in at least one occasion joined in the grim task of subduing their thrashing minds before casting them into the churning currents of reincarnation that flowed outward to the most remote shores of the multiverse.

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