Issue 19 Page 3
May 14, 2022
Issue 19 Page 3
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Issue 19 Page 3 May 14, 2022

Author Notes:

Hey, these folks look familiar.

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"The Fear of being smothered in favor of whatever ego emerged alongside mortal rebirth disgusted the Dragon."

"No one returned to Dragonhood from such a process uncorrupted by lifetimes subsumed by foreign egos while adrift in the cycle of reincarnation. Death by replacement, piece by piece."

"Rook, you're getting off track."

Aisha: "This should be about the mortals, not us."

Fahrook: "But Aisha..."

"I was simply using hyperbole and metaphor to describe our inevitable downfall in a manner that would have an emotional impact."

"But perhaps you're correct. It IS about the mortals."

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