Issue 19 Page 4
May 17, 2022
Issue 19 Page 4
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Issue 19 Page 4 May 17, 2022

Author Notes:

Pretty sure that last panel is going to blind some people on their phones.

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"It was well known that the infinite worlds beyond Kaerwyn rested within these metaphysical currents of reincarnation, where any attempt to venture to these other worlds would be voluntarily doing to themselves what was forced upon the mad."

"It was also well known that the material forms of mortals were 'dense' enough to prevent their souls from being swept away to new realities."

"The revolutionary spark laid in the discovery of 'corporeal processing' that could 'hollow out' the useful husk for interested Dragons to inhabit for their journeys beyond Kaerwyn, both unaffected by the currents of reincarnation and free of ego corruption."

"So came then the new era brought on by mortal husbandry. Cultivation. Control."

"Soul extraction."

"The Harvest."

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