Issue 19 Page 5
May 19, 2022
Issue 19 Page 5
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Issue 19 Page 5 May 19, 2022

Author Notes:

The death of a universe.

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"Upon seeing the pure white room at the end of the hallway, seemingly empty yet filled with terror..."

"The quietly babbling and weeping mortal erupted into a chemical-fueled desperate resistance, clawing at the air to find purchase on a wall or the dragon themselves."

"It was as if they knew what came next no matter how thoroughly the chamber was scrubbed of any emotional residue."

"Their primal will to live sensed the end all the same."

"He writhed in pain and panic..."

"In laughter and ecstasy..."

"Zealotry and Fervor..."

"As the mortal lives spilled from his soul one-by-one."


May 19, 2022: edit delete
I kinda imagined with Immortals, It's one thing for the body to be made to endure for ages without dying, but the Mind's got to be another issue. Can one really maintain a Sane mind with ages of Life and experience. Or does it need to be maintained somehow.
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