Issue 19 Page 7
May 24, 2022
Issue 19 Page 7
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Issue 19 Page 7 May 24, 2022

Author Notes:

Fahrook eagerly awaits Taisherou's opinion.

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"In exchange for the dragons' freedom, a lonely and empty not-quite-existence for the mortal where the unending tediousness of being served as the only sensation."

"The Dragon collected both and departed for the exit without pause. There were so, so many more to process today."

Fahrook: "So, Tai..."

"What do you think?"

Taisherou: "This is your speech to the assembly?"

Fahrook: "Yes."

Taisherou: "Did you run this by Aisha yet?"

Fahrook: "Yes, I just read it off to her before coming over here."

Taisherou: "I see..."

"I see..."

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