Issue 19 Page 10
May 31, 2022
Issue 19 Page 10
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Issue 19 Page 10 May 31, 2022

Author Notes:

Thems fighting words.

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Fahrook: "It's so frustrating!"

"Sisari blocks my every attempt to stop the soul extractions."

Taisherou: "That's what she does best."

Leilani: "You must ask yourself, Fahrook, why are you so against it?"

"Is it for Aisha?"

"Aisha's love for mortal kind is well known, but you... you are the head of the extraction project and yet you seek to phase it out."

"You exist in conflict."

"It's obvious to all that Aisha is using you."

Taisherou: "Damn, I wasn't gonna say it."

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