Issue 19 Page 11
June 2, 2022
Issue 19 Page 11
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Issue 19 Page 11 June 2, 2022

Author Notes:

Man, that's like saying "no one's allowed to take a vacation!"

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Fahrook: "I'm only letting you get away with that because you're Aisha's sister."

Leilani: "Well, don't let that stop you, Fahrook."

Fahrook: "Look, I was put in the position so that I could find an alternative to soul extraction."

"Because no one else was willing. Everyone was complacent with an issue that needlessly harms innocent mortals."

Taisherou: "No one wants to reincarnate to visit mortal realms, Fahrook. That's the only alternative you've proposed."

Fahrook: "Then maybe we shouldn't visit mortal realms!"

Taisherou: "Yeah, good luck convincing people of that."

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