Issue 19 Page 14
June 9, 2022
Issue 19 Page 14
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Issue 19 Page 14 June 9, 2022

Author Notes:

I have to say, it is fun making up all these new dragons for this issue.

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Panel Note: At the Aetherology* Department... *This word will likely not translate well, but it means 'the study of aetheric energy' for Kaerwyn's purposes.

Catlike Dragon - "Ah Fahrook, good, you're here. Your Aether-acclimation process has significantly sped up the mortal adjustment period.

"The Earthlike Simulator seems to suit them the best. And they love the free food and drink at the Tavern."

"We have forty seven mortal candidates with an aetheric density acclimated to Kaerwyn."

"Should we begin the soul extraction process?"

Fahrook: "N-no. Not yet."

"I... Uh... I have some concerns about the accelerated acclimation process."

Catlike Dragon: "But... we're already backed up and--"

Fahrook: "NO."

"Should anything go wrong, a Dragon's soul could get lost between realms."

"That responsibility is mine and I will not shirk it for the sake of some peoples' impatience."

Catlike Dragon: "Very well."

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