Issue 19 Page 15
June 11, 2022
Issue 19 Page 15
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Issue 19 Page 15 June 11, 2022

Author Notes:

They're onto Fahrook.

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Catlike Dragon: "You don't need me to remind you there's a rather lengthy waiting list of Dragons that wish to visit the mortal realms."

Fahrook: "I'm well aware, thank you."

Catlike Dragon: "Shall I inform the Assembly of the delay?"

Fahrook: "That will not be necessary. Please monitor the simulator's condition. We were having trouble maintaining the moon phases."

Catlike Dragon: "... Very well."

Fahrook: "I will be running some tests in my pocket of reality. Please do not disturb me unless absolutely necessary."

Fahrook's Thoughts: "I have to find a way to stop the harvest."

"But it can't lead back to me."

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