Issue 19 Page 16
June 14, 2022
Issue 19 Page 16
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Issue 19 Page 16 June 14, 2022

Author Notes:

It's about time Sisari showed up.

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Panel Note: Meanwhile at the Aetherology Simulated Environmental Engineering Section...

Sisari: "For all the power and wisdom you've collected over the Aeons, none of it has cured you of your misguided 'Ideals'."

Aisha: "Moral character WOULD be burdensome for you, wouldn't it?"

Sisari: "Your place in this society of ours is at my mercy. I gave it to you, and I can take it away just as easily."

Aisha: "And reveal the naked autocracy of your leadership style?"

Sisari: "As if I would be so crude. The smarter play would be to unmask any antics by your...associate."

Aisha, in thought: "Fahrook?!"

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