Issue 19 Page 18
June 18, 2022
Issue 19 Page 18
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Issue 19 Page 18 June 18, 2022

Author Notes:

Fahrook is grasping at straws here.

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Fahrook: "What can we do?"

Aisha: "WE can do nothing. Sisari watches your every move."

Fahrook: "Well, you control the mortal health and environments, right? There's at least one with lycanthropy. What if we sprea--."

He is cut off by Aisha: "You are no seriously suggestion we infect all the mortals with lycanthropy to stop the harvest."

Fahrook: "If it saves them from an orb, I am."

Aisha: "Doubtful, you know how Sisari feels about werewolves."

Fahrook: "Aye, less than mortals, pets, really. Animals to be used."

"But this hardly changes our existing dilemma."

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