Issue 19 Page 24
July 2, 2022
Issue 19 Page 24
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Issue 19 Page 24 July 2, 2022

Author Notes:

Finally, exposition.

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Sisari: "And why would that matter to us?"

Fahrook: "How many times must I explain this to you?"

"Mortals don't arrive on Kaerwyn ready for processing."

"Their bodies will perish if we rip out their souls before
they're acclimated."

"So the acclimation process provides two important and necessary outcomes for us to inhabit them. Other than acclimating them to the quasi-aetheric so their bodies can exist without souls, it makes the body more hospitable to a new host."

"While we keep them relatively content and preoccupied with the simulated environment, we dose them with concentrated aether in their food and water, whether they obtain it themselves or we provide it via the tavern."

"We carefully monitor the progress, and make sure the Aetheric concentration is within a narrow, tolerable threshold."


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Well I'll be a monkey's uncle that's a hippo in pink and she looks nice.
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