Issue 19 Page 25
July 5, 2022
Issue 19 Page 25
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Issue 19 Page 25 July 5, 2022

Author Notes:

We recently introduced Aetherstorms to the Kaerwyn RP. Hopefully it will be a fun bit of whimsy for our players! Kaerwyn is a free chatroom style RP site. Feel free to check it out!

Updates Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8pm ET.
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Fahrook, Narrating: "Aetherstorms are metaphysical weather phenomena."

"They can draw aether out of local concentrations..."

"...including mortal bodies."

"In doing so, they can reverse or pollute the acclimation process."

"It can vastly alter their aetheric signature, creating a toxic environment to any dragon trying to inhabit them."

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